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As a team would you like to develop your English skills? I provide training so you can make a positive change and get noticed.

See answers to common questions you may have. 

Do you want to communicate effectively and increase your fluency in English if you work in regeneration or sustainability?

English for changemakers in regeneration and sustainability 

Do you avoid speaking English with colleagues or clients? Do you hate public events because you are worried of making mistakes, or of not understanding everything? Do you feel like you're holding yourself back because you see English as an obstacle that you can't overcome?

What if you invested in yourself, and dedicated time to improving your English so that you could progress in your career, find a job in another country, or simply get noticed for your valuable work and ideas?

Do you have lots of ambition and motivation, but you just don't know where to start?

My job as an English coach is to show you how to achieve these goals, and prove that it is possible. I have worked with many clients who all came to me with similar problems. I want to help you get the recognition, the job or the position that you deserve by showing up for yourself in English. 

Each of my programs takes into account the most common problems when it comes to clients, I provide a few hours of work between sessions, plus the ability to contact me when you like if you have questions or difficulties. 

Neurolanguage coaching

   You will receive:
  • Tailored sessions based on your specific goals
  • Continuous feedback and guidance
  • Brain-based techniques for optimal learning conditions 

     Benefits include: 
  • Learner-centric sessions with the freedom to choose materials and focus
  • Overcoming language blocks by understanding how the brain learns 
  • Developing independent and active learning skills, to increase motivation and engagement in learning process

     We will cover how to:
  • Speak confidently in professional environments, such as conferences, meetings or with clients
  • Understand how cultural awareness is important for successful interactions  
  • Learn to give valuable feedback
  • Show your true personality and express yourself as you would like to in English
  • Understand where you could improve, and what you are good at already
  • Talk about yourself, and use small talk 
  • Discuss a range of subjects and interests with clarity and ease  


     We will look at how to:
  • Find your preferred communication style in order to feel comfortable when presenting 
  • Learn how to connect with your audience to create an engaging presentation 
  • Present findings and data without panicking  
  • Use storytelling techniques and key phrases for a clear structure 
  • Deliver an effective presentation, by focusing on body language, stress, intonation and pace 
  • Respond to feedback and questions in a professional way  

powerful presentations

10 60-minute sessions

10 60-minute sessions

10 60-minute sessions

All programs will require you to do some work between the sessions in order for our time together to be the most effective and beneficial for you. You are free to contact me at any point between sessions if you need help or have questions. 


Get in touch

Get in touch




Do you think your team could benefit from professional training designed to develop your English skills and prepare you for international and multicultural interactions?

Do you want to empower your employees to contribute to important discussions and demonstrate their knowledge to clients and partners?

Do you want to see how enabling individuals to thrive can have a positive impact on the performance and reputation of your company?

When clients come to me they are often unsure where to begin, or how to improve. We work together to get to the root of their problem, and practice real-life situations that they encounter in their job to familiarise them so that they can be as professional as possible when the situation arises. Examples of what we look at include communicating on the phone, or on video calls, writing emails, giving presentations, speaking at conferences, and small talk for networking. This results in the client being more reassured, prepared and competent when it comes to these types of scenarios. Not only are they an asset to themselves, but also the company. 

Training workshops 
Do you want to see improvement in your team's English skills in a short amount of time? 

I provide intense training workshops that allow individuals to consume a lot of valuable content and information, so they can quickly increase their performance and competence in English. 

The length and focus of the workshop will vary depending on the requirements, as well as if it takes place online or in person. As a starting point, we will cover the main topics that are found in my communication and presentation programs, plus any additional topics that you wish to cover during the training. 

Professional ongoing training options
If the individual programs above seem like they could help someone on your team, you can of course choose one. However, if you want a more tailored program for a group, or a few individuals, you can contact me and we can create a bespoke option that meets your needs and focuses on the outcomes you want to achieve. 

Either choose one of the coaching programs listed, or choose to have a completely personalised program focused on the outcomes you want to see. 

Value and focus 
The price of the training will depend on the length. Please get in touch if you want to work together to create a special offer for your team, or an individual, so they can start developing their English skills. 

Ideas for what we can cover during the workshops or ongoing training:

  • Communication
  • Networking and small talk
  • Presenting company or business
  • Navigating cultural differences, or misunderstanding
  • Giving presentations 
  • Dealing with clients or international contacts
  • Better and more confident delivery
  • Negotiating
  • Asking and answering complex questions
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Professional training for experts in regeneration and sustainability 


Is my English good enough?

If you understand what's written on this website, then yes! I work with upper intermediate learners, so a B2 level by the CEFR standards. This means you can understand the main ideas of complex texts and topics, as well as technical discussions within the sustainable tourism sector and your specific field of expertise within the sector. 

Although I have experience with all levels of learners, it's better if you have a good foundation in order to get the most out of the sessions and to see big improvements through implementing more complex English exercises and approaches. 

If you're not sure what your level is don't hesitate to contact me to chat about the possibility of working together.   

Am I a good fit for these programs?

If you're a professional who works in the regeneration or sustainability, you have a good understanding of written and spoken English, and you are motivated to learn, then yes! 
You must be willing to do some work between the sessions we have together in order to get maximum results. 

How can I sign up?

You can schedule a short call with me via the contact page, and from there we can discuss your needs, goals and current situation. From there you will tell me a day and time that suits you, and we can start working together! 

Which program should I do?

If the descriptions provided on the programs page do not provide enough detail, you can schedule a call with me so I can advise you on which option is best. 
The Neurolanguage program is the most personalised option. You can also do more than one program at a time if  you would like to. 

Where do the sessions take place?

All of my one to one sessions take place online using Zoom, but I can do in-person training if it is for a group and over a period of a few consecutive days.  
Most people have a weekly session, but it is also possible to do fortnightly sessions, or several sessions per week. 

Can my sessions be paid for by my company?

Yes of course, or by you directly if you want. It depends what options are available to you.  

How many sessions will we have together?

Ten one hour sessions, plus 1-2 hours of independent work between sessions. The more effort you put in outside of the sessions the more valuable the work do during the sessions will be.

The length of time it takes to do the program depends on how frequently you want to meet, the average time is around 10 weeks.  

Do you provide group coaching?

Yes, I do. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this, prices and programs will vary based on the needs of each group. 

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